About Us

About Mother to Mother, Inc.

I am a mother who has lost a child. I started Mother to Mother, Inc. because of his death. I have given many "Special Gifts" for years. This is how Mother to Mother became an elite special group. We are a “Special group of Mothers” who have lost a child; we wear a gold baby ring around our necks. It is a remembrance of our child. It has been given to us in a solemn ceremony by another Mother whose child had passed or someone who has been given instructions on what to say and what to do at the ceremony.

We don't give advice, we listen and offer comfort. It is through our experiences that we understand the loss of a child. It does not matter how the child has passed, but that they are gone, and we are here without them.

Mother to Mother, Inc. Mother to Mother, Inc.

We call each other in support when the times are the toughest. Holidays, birthdays, date of death, how we were told, how we reacted to the tragedy; oh, and of course Mother's Day.


It is our hope, that this “Special Gift” will help comfort a mother who has lost a child. The mother will be presented with her gifts in a private ceremony by her presenter. This ring is to be worn daily and when thoughts of your child become too big to let your mind rest, or just thoughts and memories go round and round, you will now have your ring to hold on to. This gift represents your child close to your heart and with you always.

Some of the mothers who have gotten this gift, rub it between their fingers, or just place it on their little finger to look at. They have said it makes them feel closer to their child just to have this gift.

The Mother to Mother website will give you contacts, and a chat room so that you can talk to other mothers who have suffered with the loss of a child. It can be a way for you to connect with other mothers in your situation and make new friends who know what you have gone through and can share your heartache.