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Dear Dee,

I'm sorry it took so long to respond to your card. It was very nice and dear to me. Thank-you so much, I have the framed poem on my entertainment center near to my son's picture. I have the necklace hanging on the frame to remind me. It's only been three months since his untimely death. I take it day by day. I know the pain of losing a child and it does not go away as time goes by, in my case the more days that go by the more I miss him. I have MADD in contact with me; I have an advocate from Tampa, FL who will be helping me with the court/trial process and for me to talk too. Mother to Mother is such a wonderful help to us. God bless all of you and thank-you again for everything.

P.S. The guy was charged with DUI manslaughter, his level was triple the legal amount, and a felony punishable up to 30 yrs. A senseless death for my son!!!!

Debbie Hagan
Once the ring was placed around my neck, the first thing I thought was, he was only seventeen days old and he had to have surgery, but he was always a fighter. I put my little finger in "MY RING" I feel close to him, I think of the wonderful memories we shared and can never be taken away. I feel peace within my heart. He's with his father, my husband Rich.

Jackie D., North Carolina
Thank-you so much for the "SPECIAL GIFT", it brings me closer to Ricky. I can't believe someone cares enough to reach out to me in loving memory of my son, Ricky, especially when the Mother who gave me, my ring doesn't even know me.

Very emotional, very soothing, he is remembered and not forgotten. I feel I have him always. My ring is very special, very powerful, and always helps me get through the pain. I am a step-mother but I helped raise him too. Please feel free to contact me at

Cindi C. - JASON, Florida

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